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At Kellogg, we have ambitious plans for growth.

We rely on over 20,000 incredible suppliers from around the world everyday. Our supplier partners from ingredients, packaging, indirect services & comanufacturing each play a critical role in helping us to achieve our vision to enrich and delight the world through food and brands that matter.

Through building relationships with selected key suppliers, we can work together for mutual benefit to reach our full potential and drive a competitive advantage. That’s why we’ve launched a new strategic supplier program called K Partners Advantage. When we all bring ideas and resources to the table, we can create something better.

While each supplier adds to the mix, there are five shared values that are the main ingredients in our recipe for shared success.


Innovation is what stirs K Partners to go further—working closely to develop breakthrough products, services, processes and technology. We depend on our K Partners around the world for key insights and collaboration to help us stay ahead of the competition, move into new markets, and continue to move toward the goal of success through forward-thinking.

Financial Excellence

At Kellogg, we believe profitable growth should also be responsible growth. While striving to meet changing consumer demand, we work closely with our K Partners to seek the best ways to compete in a volatile marketplace.

We look for suppliers who proactively communicate market trends, share a relentless drive for savings and continuous improvement, and think end to end to identify efficiencies along the way. Together, we combine lean thought and execution for financial excellence and long-term sustainability.

Operational Excellence

Flawless execution requires a supply chain that is agile, flexible and responsive. We continually collaborate with our K Partners to make transformational change in operations through adoption of world class processes. While exploring what more can be done, we remain grounded in safety, quality, service and delivery as we change the world for the better, one idea at a time.

Responsible Sourcing

At Kellogg, we make food people love. Today, that means more than food that tastes great. People care about where their food comes from, the people who grow and make it, and that there’s enough for everyone.

And so, we must create a positive change through responsible and sustainable business practices. Our environmental and social sustainability efforts start in our own facilities and continue through partnership with our suppliers and across our supply chain to support farmers and workers, while conserving the natural resources on which we depend.

That’s why we want to share this story with our retailers and consumers to earn our seat at their table every day and fuel our mutual growth. Visit to learn more.

Supplier Diversity

"At Kellogg Company, we’re continually striving to be a best-in-class company for equity, diversity and inclusion (ED&I). A key component of our Better Days environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy is creating a culture that includes everyone, embraces differences and ensures equity. Partnering with diverse suppliers who do the same is key to ensuring the value chain represents the people and communities where we do business, and creates a positive impact in our workplace, workforce, marketplace and communities where everyone has a place at the table.”

Steve Cahillane, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Kellogg Company is committed to growing and developing sustainable relationships with diverse businesses.

These small and diverse business include Aboriginal owned, Disability owned, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer+ owned, Minority owned, Veteran & Service-Disabled Veteran owned, Woman owned.

Through equitable business practices and a commitment to social responsibility, Kellogg will create a world-class supply base that will benefit our communities, consumers, customers, employees, investors and our supply partners.

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