The 13 Secret Cities

The 13 Secret Cities is a novel in four parts. Clara Montes, a 19-year-old student living in Chicago, survives the Millennium Riot, a violent and deadly tragedy fueled by struggle and ideology. To atone for Clara’s involvement in event, her parents send her to Mictlan, the realm of the dead, to find her destiny.

Installments will release in April, June, August and October of 2014 in the Kindle Store. The paperback version will publish in November 2014.  For more details, visit http:13secretcities.com

13SC Cover 600W


The 12 Burning Wheels

“The 12 Burning Wheels,” published by M BRANE SF, released February 22, 2010.  “12BW” is  a collection of stories ranging from dark fantasy to new weird; an astounding 12-item cycle of stories that reveals the worlds of ancient gods, wondrous machines of the future, strange creatures and even stranger human beings.


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