Your support, and how to get “The 12 Burning Wheels”

Lately some of you have been asking me recently about my 2010 book of short stories, “The 12 Burning Wheels.” Yes, I wrote this short collection in 2009, and M Brane SF published it as a book and and e-book. When it was published, I promoted the book pretty heavily, and I think it’s worth doing so again. This book features stories involving forgotten Greek witches, designer cannibalistic products, an absurdist opera, monsters in the walls, a giant spider, and much more. As you know, I am in the process right now of working on a third novel (and finding representation for it). If you have a chance, check out my book on Amazon, and most importantly, leave a review. Reviews really help us authors to do what we do, so whether you love or hate the book, leave me an Amazon review.


"The 12 Burning Wheels"

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