I need to talk about guts.

Sometimes we need guts. It is with guts that we perform acts of bravery.

I don’t think people will contest the assertion above. Guts, courage, whatever you want to call it — it’s what makes us perform amazing feats. Guts help us get out of dangerous situations, too.

I have to admit to you that I have needed my own boost of courage to write in my current manuscript, “The Ocean Hunters.” I have needed guts, and I haven’t found them. The fear of failure was stopping me, and I needed guts. Recently, I found them.

You didn’t see me need the guts to finish that half marathon last September. You didn’t see me need guts to fly to Berlin. You didn’t see me need guts to take on 2012 by the horns like a wild bull.

No, I needed the most guts to continue in a novel that makes me feel challenged, and makes me feel good. This seems incongruous, I know. Welcome to novel writing.

I have the courage now. The courage to see it through.

I wrote 792 new words today in “The Ocean Hunters.” And that took guts. Tomorrow I will do it all over again.

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