Greetings, gentle readers.

Up until now, my project “The Ocean Hunters” has remained fairly loose, a set of vignettes that will become a full novel. Up until now, the lack of constraints has allowed me to think about it, to ruminate its ideas, while I run and walk in the streets of Berlin.

We are now in the midst of February, and with firm ideas now in place, the time has come to get real.

Time for structure.

This novel will be my main project of the year, and in order to end up with an actual workable draft, I am going to need to set some goals. These have been coming for sometime, but today, I am writing them down to make them happen.

Screvener tells me I have written 10,472 words thus far in “The Ocean Hunters.” I need a complete working manuscript by September. The goal for this work is 90,000 words, and so here we go.

I need 80,000 words over the next eight months. That’s 10,000 words a month.


Are you willing to follow me on this path? Let’s do it.

The last time I wrote clear goals down in this blog, I actually finished my manuscript, and on time (“Carapace”). It’s time to do it all over again.

This morning I wrote 600 new words. That’s 600 words in the piggy bank. As I hit these mini-deadlines each day, I’ll post the word counts on this here blog. If you notice my absence, you know I have done you wrong. If you see me often, it means one day you may see this novel at your favorite retailer.

In other writing news, I am doing some rewrites of a previous novel I wrote, querying again. Feels good.

And onward we go.

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