Author Q&A In The Skype Ultraworld Today

My friend Beau, who teaches 7th and 8th grade, is discussing my stories “The Broken Chest” and “Red Light and Shadow” this week with his students.

Today at around Noon, I will answer questions live, via Skype for them. I’m so thrilled. Here’s a sampling of their questions:


  • Who, or what, was the Sphinxe? Does it really matter or was it just a way to pull the reader into the story then switch directions?
  • Does the Sphinxe matter to the ultimate story, which isn’t really about the Sphinxe at all?
  • Does the time/place/era of the story matter to the story you were trying to tell?
  • What inspired this story?
    In this story science and magic combine. Do you only write in the sci-­?fi/fantasy
  • genre?



  • Is this story an allegory for climate change, or was climate change a common knowledge concept that you could use to tell the story through the tree’s perspective?
  • Were the shadows meant to represent anything? A real environmental threat or an allegory to mythical/fictional creature?
  • Is there a hidden meaning beyond the implications towards global warming and environmental change?
  • How challenging is it to combine the flow of poetry with a prose story line?
  • Is the tree representative of people and their own mortality?
  • Why don’t trees have souls?

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