The story of the past two years is easy to tell.

In 2009, I wrote a handful of stories that became the collection “The 12 Burning Wheels.”

After the book was published, I continued writing, knowing that one should never stop, never stop.

Did I mention again that one should never stop?

The project I was developing at the time was tentatively named “Rochnacht.”

Sometime in 2010,  I simply…lost the plot. I won’t go into dull detail here on why, but both the inspiration and my own daily practice of devoting time to that manuscript dwindled pretty much to nothing.

And now, several months later, I have put “Rotnacht” on hold and begun something new altogether. Maybe I needed to detoxify myself a bit. Not sure.

I am working on a manuscript now, and working in my usual way: Write about two to three times a week, keep a track of word counts, and try not too look back at drafts too long until the whole novel is complete. When I wrote my second novel, I gave myself some very tight deadlines to deliver the manuscript, and I learned a lot from that process. Strangely enough, I enjoyed it.

This time around, though, I am not working on clockwork. I am committing to a minimum of 3,000 words per week, but that is perhaps the only real constraint. I haven’t come up with a code name for this project, but I’ll be sure to post it once I do.

This time, I am also getting early first reader feedback, which is a little different than before. In fact, I sent off one chapter to a first reader today, and I will send two chapters to my two others, who also happen to be fiction writers.

All of these events measure up to an eventful autumnal season. Productive, full of joy, and also filled with challenges ahead, as I try to figure out my way through a third novel. I’m not sure how everyone else does it, but this is the best way I know how. Make the time, write some copy, and don’t look back until the thing is done. Then commit several months to rewriting.

Later this week I’ll provide some updates on the querying process and when you can expect new books from me.

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