This morning, a series of updates.

On the writing front, I am currently working through some deep problem solving in my latest project. This one will be a novel-length work, and though I tend not to have any problems producing a word count, this time around I have raised the bar much higher for myself, to the point where I am really hesitating before moving forward. I am looking for leaner, more lyrical prose, and of course, a plot that lives up to expectations. I have spent about a year taking notes, researching, sketching short pieces, but this work needs to start growing. So, for the sake of accountability, I will be posting word counts again on this here blog as we ramp up into the Fall season. In the Fall, school starts up again, and it looks like I will be taking “HCI 460: Usability Evaulation Methods.”

I will also need to totally restructure my writing schedule. The time has come again. I used to commit to Thursdays and Saturdays to get my word counts in, but I am now looking at some early mornings, as well as an evening or two. Stay tuned. In terms of work tools, I am now pretty happy doing my fiction writing on an iPad using the Apple wireless keyboard. I will post soon on my workflow for my fellow writing nerds soon.

I also have a few short stories in the can that I am sending out to markets for submission. Of course, submitting takes time, as does querying for larger projects, and sheesh, I need an assistant all of a sudden.

Incidentally, I am also left wondering lately how best to post links to articles and postings on the current trends in publishing (which lately are tied very closely to issues of user experience and human factors). Would you like a link digest in this blog? Or do you prefer Twitter? I post all of those links on Twitter, but I realize some of you prefer visiting this here blog.

Here’s a few from today:

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