(Updated 2/15/10)

If you’re frustrated by format wars, publisher drama, and you simply want to add more books to your e-reader, check back often at this post. This isn’t hacking for hacking’s sake. This is about reading and supporting writers that you appreciate and love (especially the ones willing to move into electronic formats).  In some cases, you may find an author’s e-book at another store for a better price, and you simply want to transfer your book into your Kindle device. In other cases, maybe you simply want to compile your libraru into one place in your Kindle. I’ll be providing some links on how to hack your Kindle. Now granted, we are not truly hacking much here, but the average consumer isn’t aware of the ease involved in doing some of this stuff. It also saves you many yen since you don’t have to pay to email docs for Amazon to convert for you.

Kindle 2 Hacks

Converting e-books into formats supported by the Kindle:

You can easily take PDFs, Word files and more, and convert them to sync via USB right into your Kindle.

  • Calibre. I just learned about this open source app today. Give it a whirl.
  • Stanza desktop app. A little buggy, but it works.
  • Mobipocket. This one’s more technical, so if you have nerd tendencies, enjoy.

Check back for more tips on hacking your Kindle. SUPPORT THE WRITERS YOU LOVE BY STUFFING THEM INTO YOUR KINDLE.

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