17th Oct 2012

E-Book news: I reviewed the new Kindle Paperwhite at Ars Technica

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here about some of my interest and professional work in e-reader and e-book topics. I wrote a review for Ars Technica of the...

12th Oct 2012

When your muse texts you back

She did. My muse texted me, and it said something to the effect of “GET YOUR ASS MOVING, YOU LAZY FUCK. WRITE.” It was that simple. Now, let me just...

12th Oct 2012
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I Updated My Amazon Author Page

Amazon provides some really detailed and useful author pages. In case you had forgotten (and maybe you did, since I have been focused so much on The Labyrinth lateley), I...

06th Sep 2012
The unofficial WorldCon Pub Crawl. I got to share drinks with Holly McDowell, Bill Shunn, Gra Linnea, Tom Underberg, Dustin Monk, Christopher M. Cevasco and Rajan Khanna at The Bad Apple.

Worldcon (Chicon7) Wrap-up

One of the best things about getting older are the moments when you feel like you’re learning something for the very first time, like you have just begun a long...

21st Jul 2012
Podcast delayed until Sunday, July 22

Podcast delayed until Sunday, July 22

Sometimes life takes over. I will post the Labyrinth podcast, featuring novelist Holly McDowell, on Sunday instead of Thursday. It will be an amazing episode. Thanks for your patience!

25th Jun 2012
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Literary Reading this Friday, June 29 at Transistor in Chicago

I am thrilled to be invited to this reading event hosted by Mare Swallow (whom you may have spotted at Tuesday Funk readings in the past). I will be reading...

14th Jun 2012
New Podcast! The Labyrinth

New Podcast! The Labyrinth

There’s some really good news today in the blog. I am proud to announce a companion piece, the new podcast called “The Labyrinth.” Welcome to the debut episode of The...

02nd May 2012
"The 12 Burning Wheels"

Your support, and how to get “The 12 Burning Wheels”

Lately some of you have been asking me recently about my 2010 book of short stories, “The 12 Burning Wheels.” Yes, I wrote this short collection in 2009, and M...

12th Mar 2012
Marching ahead toward a completed manuscript

Marching ahead toward a completed manuscript

At the beginning of Saturday’s writing session I had 12,635 words in “The Ocean Hunters.” A few hours later, I ended up with 1,350 new words. I am at 14,000....

16th Feb 2012
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Berlin: Remembering Christopher Isherwood

I think about Christopher Isherwood sometimes here in Berlin. He is an author I look up to, and one of my personal heroes. He wrote an extensive body of work,...