19th Apr 2014

Labyrinth 68 – Phil Stephens

Phil Stephens is strength coach, athlete, entrepreneur, and co-host of Iron Radio podcast. Yes, I know we talk a lot on the show about books, publishing and self-publishing, but it’s...

17th Apr 2014

Labyrinth 67 – Dan John

Dan John is the author of the best-selling books “Never Let Go,” “Mass Made Simple,” and “Intervention,” among others. He is a strength coach, theologian and one of the leading...

20th Mar 2014

Labyrinth 66 – Hugh Howey

Hugh Howey is the best-selling author of the novel Wool, which he originally self published on Amazon. The success of that book helped launch his career, which spans several more...

13th Mar 2014

Labyrinth 65 – Sam Weller

Sam Weller, award-winning journalist and official biographer of the late author Ray Brabdury, joins me in the Labyrinth this week. He first appeared in episode 19. His new short story...

03rd Mar 2014

Labyrinth 64 – Leah Jones

Leah Jones is a Vice President at Olson Engage, where she works with large brands on their social media efforts and development. She’s also a longtime Twitter friend. In this...

22nd Feb 2014

Labyrinth 63 – Todd Keisling

Todd Keisling is the author of A Life Transparent and The Liminal Man in the Monochrome Trilogy. Ugly Little Thing, his new series of short stories, has just begun release. You can find links...

13th Feb 2014

Labyrinth 62 – Myke Cole

Myke Cole is the author of the Shadow Ops series of military science fiction. The latest book in the series, Breach Zone, just released in January 2014. Myke and I...

23rd Dec 2013

Labyrinth 61 – Bryan Camp and the Jorge Luis Borges Holiday Special

Bryan Camp is a writer of speculative fiction and graduate of the Clarion West workshop. He lives in New Orleans. In this episode of the Labyrinth, Bryan talked about the value...

18th Dec 2013

It’s official: The Labyrinth is now at labyrinthpodcast.com

It’s true. Starting today, you’ll be able to listen to The Labyrinth at: www.labyrinthpodcast.com Of course, if you’re an iTunes, user, you can always just subscribe to get new shows...

04th Dec 2013

Labyrinth 60 – Abel James

Welcome back, Abel! Abel James is the host of the podcast “Fat-Burning Man,” one of the most popular health podcasts in the iTunes store. He is back on The Labyrinth...