30th Jan 2013

The Labyrinth, Episode 30 – The Return of Robert Pobi

Today, author Robert Pobi returns to The Labyrinth. Rob is the author of  the novels Bloodman, and Mannheim Rex.  Don’t worry, I will still be bringing on new people onto the show,...

11th Jan 2013

Should I Listen to Music While I Write?

The answer to this question has always been yes, for me. Many writers report being able to write well under the influence of music. When I was in my early...

04th Jan 2013

The Labyrinth, Episode 27 – Robert Pobi

Author Robert Pobi knows monsters. He creates some really sinister monsters in his books, and in today’s Labyrinth I get to talk to Robert one on one about his process....

06th Dec 2012
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Using Writing as a Meditation Tool

Recently, I asked myself if writing could actually help me discover a way to find a sense of calm, a way for my mind to process the people and the...

25th Oct 2012

The Labyrinth, Episode 19 – Sam Weller

Sam Weller, award-winning journalist and official biographer of the late author Ray Brabdury, joins me in the Labyrinth this week. Sam is a writing professor at Columbia College in Chicago,...

12th Oct 2012

When your muse texts you back

She did. My muse texted me, and it said something to the effect of “GET YOUR ASS MOVING, YOU LAZY FUCK. WRITE.” It was that simple. Now, let me just...

12th Oct 2012
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I Updated My Amazon Author Page

Amazon provides some really detailed and useful author pages. In case you had forgotten (and maybe you did, since I have been focused so much on The Labyrinth lateley), I...

24th Mar 2012

Only 5,000 words left to go in March

I wrote 1,582 new words today in “The Ocean Hunters.” That means I need to write 5,000 more by March 31 to stay on time, to stay on track.

29th Feb 2012
How I changed my mind about writing groups

How I changed my mind about writing groups

Every writer is different. Some believe writing can be taught. I generally don’t subscribe to this idea. I think people who inherently want to explore the human condition and the...

15th Feb 2012
It takes guts to write

It takes guts to write

I need to talk about guts. Sometimes we need guts. It is with guts that we perform acts of bravery. I don’t think people will contest the assertion above. Guts,...